Reskin Bike Patch 5 off

Manufacturer: Reskin
N$ 350.00
N$ 400.00
You Save: N$ 50.00


Pain due to friction from cycling shorts while cycling is a phenomena that is very common among cyclists. This can seriously affect the performance of professional cyclists. If this pain can be prevented, performance is bound to increase. Not only that, the pleasure of the amateur biker will increase as well. Thanks to the ReSkin Silicone Skin Technology – combining a soft silicone layer and a bi-elastic top layer- ReSkin Bike secures a perfect protection of the perineum. The bi-elasticity minimizes the shearing and traction forces. ReSkin Bike has been put on the market after extensive testing in both the laboratory and the field . World class cyclists are already using ReSkin Bike with great success. Also very useful for amateurs!


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