Powasol Bike Wash 1lt

Manufacturer: Powasol
N$ 70.00


Environmentally friendly & safe to use by hand. It dilutes up to 10:1 for a high pressure or sponge wash or 5:1 for a spray on and rinse wash. The product will not leave streak marks or stains on metals or plastics.

Powasol can be used to wash dirty kits as well. It is a soil-dissolving agent, not a degreaser, but will degrease used in a stronger formula. It is the only product that is phosphate-free. Effort reduction here is our aim.

Official product of UCI MTB & DOWNHILL World Champs & Cup, Roof of Africa and Donaldson Off-road Series.

Available in 1lt 5lt and 25lt bottles, also 750ml spray


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