Peppermint Sport Bra

Manufacturer: Peppermint
N$ 700.00


Peppermint Sport Bra

Delicate, light and flexible, our sports bras are designed to give you maximum comfort and freedom. A must for your rides!
  • High quality light European fabrics
  • Light and wide mesh straps
  • Athletic fit allowing a nice range of motion
  • Elastic band enhances breathability and support
  • Super soft mesh lining providing additional coverage and support
  • Athletic Fit

    This product offers an athletic fit allowing a nice range of motion thanks to the unparalleled elasticity of the fabrics, without adding extra pressure on your shoulders! An essential feature to ensure your comfort no matter the activity.
  • Light and Flexible

    Comfort on your bike is essential. Lined with super soft mesh on the inside to increase support and prevent transparency, added to the breathability of the fabric makes the sport bra a must for your rides!


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