Merida Ninety Six 800

Manufacturer: Merida
N$ 32 000.00
N$ 35 000.00
You Save: N$ 3 000.00


Is it mere respect that raises the hair on your neck? Or could it be awe? No doubt about it: like hardly any other full-suspension bike, our NINETY-SIX has influenced an entire era, inspiring engineers and helping racers achieve peak performance since its debut in 2009. The 26” NINETY-SIX, which provisionally left the singletrack in 2012, is still one of the most successful racing mountain bikes in the world. So the best bit of news for the 2016 season is this: the legend is coming home – on 29er and 650B wheels!
No full-suspension mtb concept is lighter, no design is sleeker, and nowhere else do power transfer and lockout control work so perfectly. These were enough reasons for the MERIDA engineers to go back to the roots after the successful years of the NINETY-NINE and BIG NINETY-NINE. Compared to the original NINETY-SIX and its successors, which were designed for 3x and 2x drivetrains, the new NINETY-SIX has been kinematically optimized for the 1x11 system that now dominates the XC circus. Thanks to our “M.O.R.E.” technology, the suspension (around 100 mm, depending on wheel size) always works perfectly right away, regardless of frame size. Our engineers followed this focus of development along with the goal of simultaneously implementing the new NINETY-SIX as 650B (27.5”) and 29er options. Thanks to the manufacturing technology with an EPS core, which is used here for the first time in a slightly modified way, the NINETY-SIX has a frame weight of less than 2 kg as well as continued super-high stiffness. Combined with its racing geometry which has been closely developed with our XC pros, this makes it a winner even before the race starts. Wanna bet? Not only our MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM will leave the competition in their wake while riding this new weapon...


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