Merida Big 9 300

Manufacturer: Merida
N$ 11 000.00
N$ 13 200.00
You Save: N$ 2 200.00


As an innovative brand that has played a leading role in the Mountain Bike World Cup for decades, we at MERIDA know from hard-won experience that only one thing is important in a successful racing bike: it has to make its rider fast. In its career, our BIG.NINE has had not only a large number of finishes on the winners’ podiums, but has been able to hang European and World Championship gold medals around its neat head tube. So why should we change this lightweight recipe for success?

It does not matter whether it is the high-end carbon rocket, the super-sporty aluminum version or the beginner-friendly recreational model: the BIG.NINE can look back on a history nearly unparalleled in terms of success. Therefore, the news for 2016 are limited solely to modifications of the already available BIG.NINE models – and these are worth a look. For example, an electronic shifting system can be found on an MTB for the first time in MERIDA’s history. Voilà: the top-29er BIG.NINE 9000 gives you a thrill with the new Shimano XTR Di2 drivetrain, whose excellent performance perfectly matches the ultralight CF5 carbon fiber frame, adding to this purebred racer’s spirit. Supplemented by RockShox‘ 100mm redefinition of the RS-1 suspension fork, the 9000 is a true showcase of currently available technological highlights.

And further down the model line?

You can find a broader application of stiff 15 mm axles in front, tapered head tubes for excellent tracking, and internal cables; as a result, each 2016 BIG.NINE has all the genes that have made this bike one of the most successful on the World Cup circus.


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