ONLINE shopping
For Emergency ONLY in Windhoek. Swakopmund will remain closed.

During the Covid-19 lockdown in Namibia you can still shop online and now you can also book emergency repairs online. visit

Due to reduced staff We can cover only emergency repairs.

Book a repair here, add to basket and comment in the notes column what needs to be done.

We will then reply when you can bring your bike. Stop in front of the shop, enter at the big gate as it opens, place your bike on the bike rack, fill in your details and exit the shop again at the big gate.

We will attend to your bike, send a invoice and a pickup time that will happen the same way.

Payment can be done by pay today or EFT. Pickup time will be communicated again.

This way we can help our customers to stay on their bikes: But remember, NOT MORE THAN 3 IN A GROUP.

Your #MBM team